Noise Pop Culinary Fusion.

"Wall of Vudoo" by Beacon

Performing at Artica 2011, Beacon prerecorded their set to accompany a larger performance "Tamale Trade".

Wall of Vudoo was made by glitching the limit of processor speed and internet bandwidth while sampling YouTube. Carefully selected videos were played and loaded, started and paused, creating both familiarity, and confusion.


Oh Mamma Sweet Mamma/If You Like Obama 4:07
Surf Fiesta Reprise 1:44
Western Tamale Vudoo 9:10
Electro Masa Noise Fever/Wall of Vudoo 22:08


National Vudoo/Tamale Rap 4:33
I Heard It Throught the Bo Vine/Taco Bell Co. 11:53
Auto Trade Vudoo/Tamale Hop/Soy Jim Daddy 15:47